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3 Main Advantages Of A Nonsurgical Nose Job
about 1 year ago


You will take time before you finally decide to get a surgical nose. When you think of the side effects, the cost and how the surgery will affect your general appearance, it will be a hard decision to make. You can have a surgery that will have fewer complications and still give you the looks you yearn for. By using fillers instead of surgery, you can improve your looks without worrying about side effects. If you want to improve the shape or size of your nose but you are worried about the surgery, visit a doctor and ask about the dermal fillers and once you decide that they are the best choice, you will enjoy the following results.

1 No Downtime Required

After a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, you can resume your regular duties immediately. The procedure will only take a few minutes after which you are free to resume work. Surgical rhinoplasty might last for more than fourteen days which means that you have to forfeit your duties so that you can recover. While some patients don't mind the recovery time, you might not be willing to wait.


2. No complications

Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty procedure that involves techniques that go deep into your nose, a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is much simpler. The process means that less time is needed for both the operation and recovery. Besides, there are no scars left. Only some red dots will appear where you will be injected, but they will last for not more than forty-eight hours.


3. Fewer Side Effects And Faster Recovery

The recovery process from a non surgical nose job is quicker and requires less care. You might only notice mild swells that will go away after several hours. Surgical rhinoplasty will leave you with swelling that might last for several months and you will be uncomfortable in public during the period. That gives the nonsurgical procedure an upper hand because you don't have to hide your face, miss work, or skip social events as a result of the surgery.


Surgical rhinoplasty also involved a more complex treatment where the wound will be covered using a bandage. That means you require more visits to the hospital for follow up. However, with the nonsurgical nose job, it will be hard for your friends and family members to realize that you underwent surgery.

If you want to improve the shape or size of your nose, opt for nonsurgical surgery. You will enjoy a faster recovery, a simple procedure, and fewer side effects that will enable you to resume your duties within no time. Check out for nose fillers before and after to get more ideas.


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